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At homebird, we understand that letting your property is an uncertain and challenging process with a number of external factors outside of your control that can significantly reduce your expected rental income, such as:

Void periods – including paying council tax and bills whilst your property is empty

Changes in Health and Safety legislation on fire safety etc.

EPFC certification

Repairs & Maintenance

Licences & Tax changes 

Although we offer a range of solutions to landlords depending on their current circumstances, our most popular product is the Homebird Guaranteed Rent Scheme.  For the landlord, this is a completely hands off approach to letting out their property but at the same time guaranteeing their rent with no additional costs or agency fees.

We are confident that the guaranteed rent we pay you will be more than you would receive when managing your property independently when considering all of the additional costs as mentioned above.

Not only will you generate more income, we will cover the initial set up costs to make the property compliant to the latest regulations and also renovate it to bring it up to the standards required for our clients.  


What are the benefits for Landlords?

Guaranteed rental income on time, every month – A true ‘let and forget’ deal


Increase the value of your property – Due to the high standard of housing we set for our clients, we often make a significant upfront investment into your property


Property maintained to the highest of standards - Deep clean once a week!


All maintenance costs covered


0% agency fees


Long term agreements (3+ years)

Regular property inspections


Free Consultation - You have nothing to lose! Give us a call and let us help you.

We do not charge any premiums and unlike guaranteed insurance or landlord insurance policies, we will take away the stress of tenancy management and maintenance of your property. 

If you are tempted by guaranteed insurance, we strongly recommend you read the full terms and conditions first.


You still own the property and we effectively become your tenant, and you have the peace of mind knowing that we are responsible for paying your rent on time and every month. 

We just need to sign either a management agreement or commercial lease which gives us control of your property for a minimum period of 3 years.

We agree upon the rental income that you will receive each month for your property and you get paid every month. 

We refurbish and maintain your property to the highest of standards for our clients 

At the end of the agreement, we hand back your property in at least the same, if not a better condition than you left it in.

How Does It Work?

We Are Not an Insurance Policy...

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