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Here at Homebird, developing strong relationships with agents is a key part of our business model as we look to offer win-win solutions for all parties involved.

How does it work?

Homebird will look to identify suitable properties from your agency to house our tenants.  We will effectively become your tenant, guaranteeing income to the landlord and the agency whilst honouring the agreed commission rates that were negotiated between the landlord and the agency.

What are the benefits of Agents working with Homebird?

Guaranteed income - We will ensure rent is paid to the agency every month, satisfying the needs of both the landlord and the agent.

We will honour all agreed commitments as agreed with the landlord on Management Fees, Tenant Find fees and Admin / Reference fees for the full duration of the contract.

We will find the tenants and fill the property, allowing agents to take a hands off approach.

All property management (including maintenance) will be facilitated by Homebird, again, leaving the agents with a true let and forget tenancy whilst still upholding your service level agreements with the landlord.

It is one of our key objectives to build trust with all of the agencies we use… We hope to build long term relationships so we can continue to provide agents and landlords with guaranteed income all whilst providing tenants with a well maintained and happy home.

If you are an agent and would be interested in working with Homebird Property Solutions to provide yourselves and landlords a guaranteed rent then please contact us today.

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